Known by its other than linguistic unit as Lily of the Valley or May Lily, muget des bois is an English plant nearly new generally as a toiletry. Since the feat of its virtues in aromatherapy, the use of muget des bois for uplifting has been gradually comprehensive.


According to a Sussex legend, St Leonard battled hostile a excellent mythical monster in the vegetation close by Horsham and drove the animal distant at the outgo of human being mortally wounded, but everywhere his humor fell, lilies of the valley

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sprung up to keep his courageous struggle. The 16th period healer John Gerard, suggested muget des bois for those who had dim palsie and those who had fallen into apoplexy.

Muget des bois is one of the British-grown shrubbery built-in in the Pharmacopoeia, and its healthful belief have been well-tried through clip.


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A original of Europe, muget des bois may besides be recovered for the period of the woodlands terminated North America and Northern Asia. In England, it grows furious in quantity. Muget des bois is a perennial factory that grows to 9 inches high, has a pair of elliptical leaves and clusters of white, convex flowers beside scented property.

The circumstantial given name for Lily of the Valley is majalis, or maialis, goal that which belongs to May. Old pseudoscience books position the industrial plant nether the celestial body Mercury, since Maia was the parent of Mercury.

Health Notes

This herbaceous plant contains internal organ glycosides, which regulates and strengthens the bosom time slowing and regulating the hunch thump without exerting its structure body fluid hand over. With its beardown diuretic drug properties, muget des bois reduces blood noise and lowers blood pressure to security the nettlesome hunch.

It lacking doubt strengthens the brain and renovates a slight mental representation. The essence of the flowers, distilled in wine, restoreth missing speech, helps the palsy, and is extremely obedient in apoplexy, comforteth the heart and critical intoxicant.

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