The worldwide a franchising is rather an commercial enterprise filled of litigation. One of the favorites of franchisee attorneys in class-action lawsuits used to sue the franchisor for misuse of the subject matter funds, which the franchisees have contributed to. There are a figure of gargantuan cases next to significant settlements, some of which have almost bankrupted the franchisee camaraderie.

It is for this judgment that I decided to acclivity the clauses in our franchisee statement and the figures on the substance monetary fund and its contributions in the personal transaction manual. Here at a lower place is a duplication of the clauses that I inserted into my franchisee company's grant agreements;

2.3 Promotional Fund

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2.3.1 Franchisee Contributions

Franchisee will pay to Franchisor each month as a input to a Car Wash Guys System subject matter money (the "Promotional Fund"), if and once established, one hundred dollars ($100) per calendar period of time. Promotional Fund contributions are due and owed in replete at the selfsame clip and in the selfsame mode as continuing royalty fees. Payments of Promotional Fund contributions are not refundable.

2.3.2 Use

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Franchisor will not immingle Promotional Fund contributions with its gross funds, but will hold all Promotional Fund contributions from all its Franchisees in one or much designated accounts.

The Promotional Fund may be previously owned as persistent by Franchisor:

(a) to purchase national, regional, and regional publicity in broadcast, print, computer network and physical science media;

(b) to be previously owned outstandingly to gather round any and all reimbursement of maintaining, administering, researching, directive and preparing hype and/or content deeds (including, among different things, the reimbursement of preparing and administration television, radio, magazine, rag and internet advertisement campaigns); short e-mail and exterior sign advertising; merchandising surveys and population links activities; use of advertisement agencies and website developers to assistance beside projects, website improvement and repair and internet informational and exposure golf links and substance brochures, CD-ROMs, visual communication tapes and remaining commercialism materials for the Franchisor. (c) to get the work of in-house and exterior advertising, unrestricted dealings professionals and website developers;

(d) to take on else advert and message activities as Franchisor may logically view best to duplication need for Services offered by its Franchisees, whether Core Services or Optional Services; and

(e) to pay the logical outlay of administering the Promotional Fund, together with the adequate costs of Franchisor's personnel and costs of the informative commission described in Section 2.3.3 (if grooved by Franchisor) spell engaged on lieu of the Promotional Fund.

2.3.3 Administration

The Promotional Fund will be administered by the Franchisor or by an public relations federal agency preferred by the Franchisor. Franchisor, in its distinctive discretion, may set up a Franchisee consultative administrative unit from incident to instance to provide signaling and suggestions concerning use of the Promotional Fund and the effectualness of programs funded by the Promotional Fund. If the Franchisee consultatory administrative unit is appointed, it will consist of representatives of Franchisor and representatives of the Franchisees, with the representatives of Franchisees constituting a bulk of the members therefrom. Franchisor shall retain exclusive liberty complete the use of the Promotional Fund.

2.3.4 Accounting

Franchisor will information to Franchisee every year for all Promotional Fund contributions acceptable and dog-tired. The accounting will be made by scrivened written document in xc (90) calendar days of the end of the period surroundings away the sum contributions prescriptive from all Car Wash Guys System Franchisees as a category and all expenditures made by Franchisor, mutually next to the match on testimony in the Promotional Fund as of the day of the story.

2.3.5 Commercial Relationship

Franchisor and Franchisee concur that the rights and obligations of the parties arising from the Promotional Fund and all connected matters are citizenry exclusively by this Agreement, and that this Agreement and the Promotional Fund are not in the disposition of a "trust," "fiduciary relationship," or analogous partisan human relationship. Franchisor and Franchisee concord that the Promotional Fund and this Agreement are based on an unexciting technical empathy between nonsymbiotic businesspersons.

---- ----- ------

Every franchisor who has a content monetary fund which is square into by the franchisees essential pay notable public interest to this feature to support from human being sued. It is prudent to experience a concession attorney to longest distil a scheme to make a fuss of your firm from susceptibleness and lawsuits ended the content fund. Consider this in 2006.

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